The Little Secret in Nature’s Little Secrets

The BVI is known as Nature’s Little Secrets (we’re proud of this – it’s even on our license plates) – and with good reason – we’re miles from anyone, fairly torturous to get to (usually 2-3 flights and sometimes a ferry or two depending on which island you’re staying on) and oftentimes people have no idea where we are (confession: I didn’t either before I moved here).

But, when you do get here (occasionally minus your luggage), all of the travel is worthwhile – cerulean blue waters, white sand beaches, private anchorages, picture-perfect palms and laid back vibes – paradise awaits you.

But I think that there’s one even more secretive secret in Nature’s Little Secrets and that’s the Fat Virgin Cafe tucked away in the North Sound and accessible only by boat.

This weekend a small group of us took the new ferry service (in conjunction with YCCS) over to enjoy lunch – a quick and easy 5 minute boat ride from Gun Creek.

We pulled up to the dock and found a seat at one of the brightly coloured picnic benches – quickly ordering a few beers and lemonades to mix up shandies and quench our thirst. (There may have been a margarita or two in there too).

Unfortunately a few of the menu items weren’t available since they had been busy the previous night – but they had their wonderful BLT sandwiches. A classic which they have freshened up with a basil mayonnaise and made even more decadent with the inclusion of melted brie. Delicious!

We ordered a few rounds of sandwiches and a roti (a signature West Indian dish – comprising a lightly spiced chicken and potato curry covered in a soft wrap made of chickpea flour and served with mango chutney – a must try while you’re in the islands).

The desserts looked soooooo tempting (chocolate oblivion, hell yes!) but we were truly too full and needed a quick stroll after lunch to walk it off.

Highly recommend making the trip over if you’re ever in the area – and, if you do, let me know what you think!

EDIT: Very sadly The Fat Virgin was forced to close following Hurricane Irma in September 2017 and remains closed until further notice. Any update as to re-opening will be shared with you just as soon as I can. 


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