My Summer Essentials

My Summer Essentials

Living in the islands of perpetual summer and being fortunate enough to enjoy sunshine around 90% of the year, I have had plenty of time to get my summer wardrobe and summer essentials pretty much sorted. Summer seems to be flying by (June disappeared in the blink of an eye!) but we still have plenty of warm weather left and I wanted to share some of my summer staples with you. From top to toe I’ve got you covered. So, whether you’re going on holiday soon, or just enjoying some warm days in the park in the sunshine, these are a few of my summer favourites! 


Summer Essentials - Beach and Holiday Style Post



1 :: Kimono – 

A great kimono can really elevate that simple shorts and t-shirt outfit. It adds a splash of colour and an additional layer of interest. They’re chic and they keep the sun off your shoulders, win win. They are also great for keeping in your beach bag and throwing over your swimsuit as a cover-up. I favour a bright floral or a leafy palm print. These Amazon kimonos are fantastic for only $15 and come in 26 colours and patterns.


2 :: Sunglasses – 

I have to hold my hands up here, I have soooooo many sunglasses! Too many sunglasses, you could say… but I refuse to apologise for it. Against the bright sunshine I am basically blinded as soon as I set foot outside and always have to have a pair on hand. (In my car, in my beach bag, in my hand bag, on the side board, on my dressing table, on the coffee table, on my desk… they are liberally scattered around so that there is always a pair within arms reach!)

Along with my favourite Sojos pair, Amazon have thousands of pretty styles at really affordable prices, many of which are polarized (which is my preference) and still don’t break the bank. I have my eye on this pair to add to my collection, don’t tell the husband… 


3 :: Summer & Rose Microfiber Towel – 

Featured in my FabFitFun Summer box (and now available on, I was an instant fan of this lightweight and quick-drying beach towel. I hate carrying home soggy beach towels full of sand after a day by the ocean. This beauty is a great size, a vibrant print, easy to pack and you can just brush the sand right off! A beach day game changer! 


4 :: Beach bag – 

I have a number of really cute beach bags, and switch between them regularly, but sadly that still doesn’t stop me constantly looking for new ones! I am a complete sucker for a pom pom or a tassel – which is why I am totally obsessed with this one by Daisy Rose, isn’t it adorable? I love the neutral straw with the brightly colored embroidery and the tassels are to die for. I also love the striped inner pouch and the fact that it has a zip closure to keep all my beaching knick knacks secure. It is on my wishlist!! 


5 :: S’well water bottles – 

I have been a big advocate of reusable water bottles for the longest time. But, as the weather warms up, it’s even more important to ensure that you are appropriately hydrated and carrying around one of these full of icy water can help ensure that you won’t get sucked into buying single-use plastic bottles of water when you’re out and about and start to feel that thirst! Keeping your water cold for a whopping 12 + hours, throwing one of these in your beach bag makes life so much easier. S’well does lots of beautiful patterns and colours, but I love my tropical print bottle. 


6 :: Reusable straws – 

In my bid to cut down on the amount of plastic I use I have been attempting to ensure that I have reusable alternatives to the common plastic straws when I am out. There are so many available on the market but the two I have tried so far are these beautiful copper ones and this bamboo set. Yes, it’s a little bit more effort to walk with these, and you have to clean them! But plastic straws are so bad for the environment and just so unnecessary! Starbucks hit the news last week as they revealed that they will be phasing out plastic straws and eliminating more than 1 billion straws a year by completely eradicating them from their stores by 2020. I say ‘Bravo!’ to Starbucks and urge you to join in on this initiative! 


7 :: Kindle – 

There is no better accompaniment to your beach time or pool time than a really good book. In fact, I have a post on my recommended summer reads that you can check out right here! I have been a kindle convert for some time now (I literally can’t leave home without it) because I love the freedom of having so many books at my fingertips, if I finish one – no problem, I have another just waiting to get started. It’s so freeing taking all those great titles with me in my beach bag without any of the weight of carrying the books. Recently I have been thinking about starting with audible too – might be good for workouts or when you’re lying by the pool just gently snoozing. Have any of you tried it? Audible have an offer at the moment for two free audible books when you sign up for a free 30-day trial, which I might just need to take advantage of. 


8 :: Bamboo Ark Bag – 

A beautiful and affordable dupe for the Cult Gaia Bag – this has been my favourite purchase of the summer. Available for just $40 and coming in both small and large (mine is a small for reference) this bag is the perfect summer accessory. Sturdy and stylish it goes with every outfit and has been the object of many admiring glances and compliments (even from the boys!). The small is a great size and roomy enough for all my daily essentials (wallet, keys, lipstick, iPhone 7+ and kindle) I just have to stop myself buying the large one as well… 


Summers Essentials - Beach and Holiday Style Post


9 :: Hat – 

A great sunhat is an absolute must for the summer! Fantastic for keeping the sun off your face and protecting your most delicate skin. (Also a great photo prop in my honest opinion…) I like to keep one in my beach bag just in case. I love all the summer hats with the cute adorable embroidered sayings. I already own this perfect ‘do not disturb’ hat, but there are a couple more that I have my eye on!


10 and 11 :: Coola Mineral Sunscreen – 

I shouldn’t need to tell you that spf is so important for the summer months. Regardless of whether you are going to be sunbathing or not, at the very least you need to make sure that the delicate skin on your face and décolletage is protected, even as you go about your errands. I discovered the Coola products a year or so ago and I love their organic formulas. Even better news, the Coola Mineral Sunscreens are also reef safe! I had been researching sunscreens a lot recently with the increasing amount of information coming out about the risk of regular sunscreen to our delicate reef life. Oxybenzone (one of the main active ingredients in the majority of sunscreens) is a major contributor to coral bleaching. Hawaii has lead the way in banning sunscreens containing reef harming ingredients like Oxybenzone and hopefully it won’t be long before other places follow suit. Get ahead of the curve and start looking out for reef-safe sunscreen. I was thrilled to discover that I could still use my favourite brand if I was just a little more selective about which of their products I was using. Also available – this cute 4-piece Coola Mineral Travel Set


12 :: Sandals

 Obviously a great pair of sandals is a must for summer weather – a little smarter than flip flops but still super comfortable and practical for sand and cobbles and other holiday terrain. I like a pair with a bit of interest, so these studded beauties are just perfect. I think that they are somewhat reminiscent of the gorgeous Rockstud Valentino sandals, without being an obvious dupe. They have great reviews!


13:: Swimsuit

I feel like people are always really surprised to learn that the majority of my swimsuits come from Amazon. Like maybe they hadn’t considered Amazon as a place to shop for swimwear? I own a couple of these Cocoship suits and absolutely love them, they are fantastic quality for the low price and come in a lot of different colours and prints. The high-waist is super flattering and they are surprisingly supportive… giving you the perfect 50’s pin-up figure!  I feel like this pretty blue and red floral one needs to come home with me! 


14 :: Denim shorts – 

An absolute summer essential, I virtually live in mine. I love a white pair for a clean and fresh look. Pair with a vest top, a t-shirt, a cami, a tunic or just a bikini top. Super versatile, perfect for pool days, no self-respecting summer wardrobe should be without a pair.


15 :: Maxi dress – 

Is there anything more comfortable or flattering when the weather heats up than a loose and flowy maxi dress? Super forgiving, covering a multitude of sins, the maxi dress is a summer wardrobe essential. have some beautiful and affordable beach maxi dresses, which are so easy to wear but still make you look really put together. Perfect for evenings out after a day at the beach, or for summer brunches with friends. I love this tropical and leafy maxi, but it comes in 8 different colours and prints, if this one isn’t for you.



Amazon Prime Day starts today and there are hundreds of special deals exclusively for Prime subscribers. If you haven’t yet signed up for Amazon Prime you can start a 30-day free trial today.


Which would be your picks??


Poker Run 2017

Poker Run 2017

One of the highlights of the BVI social calendar is the Leverick Bay Poker Run – every year in May, speedboats of all shapes and sizes from around the Caribbean convene in the North Sound for some of the hottest cards in town. The first leg of the Caribbean Poker Run Triple Crown.

Lining the docks the brightly coloured boats and coordinating crews jostle for space – the engines throb and thrum – coolers are filled – drinks are poured – teeny swimsuits are donned and the crew get ready to run the length and breadth of the Territory.

Image via BVI Property & Yacht Magazine

The premise is simple – a trip around the islands picking up a card at each designated spot – the winning hand takes home the dollars – $8,000 of them (this year), to be exact.

Players leave Leverick Bay and head for Trellis Bay, Beef Island – continuing on to Foxy’s Taboo, Jost Van Dyke – Scaramouche Restaurant, Soper’s Hole Tortola – Pirate’s Bite, Norman Island and finally, Tortola Pier Park before heading back to Leverick Bay to collect a final card and complete their hand. The best 5 cards are selected.

Once back at Leverick the party can start!! Traditionally this kicks off with a bikini fashion show (which this blogger used to model in), before the winning hands are announced and everyone gets down to some serious partying – BVI style. Even without the bikini runway show there is still an impressive display of different swimwear and beach outfits at the party. Beach apparel on fleek! Fire dancers, dance-offs, models and partying, there’s no shortage of entertainment for the afternoon.

This year we weren’t out on the water as we were assisting the organizers, but we still made sure to get a good spot to watch the start. Regular readers might notice that I mention Hog Heaven a lot for their unparalleled views of the outer islands and they provided the perfect spot for a crowd of us to grab a cold drink and watch the boats speeding out of Leverick Bay – streaks of colour with their trails of white cutting through the cerulean blue of the North Sound.

A couple of hours later we were back at Leverick Bay to meet the returning boats and collect their hands from them – the board soon started to fill up!

Tensions heighten as the top hands start appearing, a straight, a flush, a full house and finally four-of-a-kind.

The winning hand!! 

Finally the sun sets, the winners are announced, the confetti canons are fired and the prizes are given out. Thousands of dollars are raised for charity every year. Next week the celebrations continue with the Poker Run in St. Maarten and we wait to do it all again next year… will you join me there?


33 Things

33 Things

Sunday was my birthday, I turned 30 *ahem* and-a-few-more… and I thought that it was the ideal opportunity to open up and tell you a bit about myself. So here goes nothing!

1. The only perfume I’ll wear is Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Eau de Parfum. I’ve been wearing it for 17 years now and recently massively freaked out when I was struggling to find the EDP any time I passed through duty free (the EDT will do at a push, but it totally doesn’t smell the same…) I have since been reassured that it hasn’t been discontinued (but I’m still tempted to buy in bulk to be on the safe side.) Possibly you could accuse me of being unadventurous and set in my ways, but hey – I likes what I likes.

2. I passed my Grade 8 trumpet exam (but haven’t really played it since – which I’m pretty devastated about) and was a complete band geek at school; big band, orchestra and choir (even though I can barely sing a note…)

3. I suffer from terrible stage fright (which probably contributed to me no longer playing the trumpet) and any kind of performance or public speaking (no matter how informal) leaves me shaking.

4. I’ll eat pretty much anything – with the exception of tripe and baked beans (truly the devil’s creation) and maybe weird crunchy bugs/scorpions (although I’m not completely ruling it out)

5. Following on from point #4 – I am a massive foodie, eating out and cooking (and drinking) are pretty much my favourite things to do and where most of my disposable income goes (read: is the reason that I don’t have any savings).

6. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would probably have to be pasta! No, wait – cheese… No, pasta. Okay – pasta with cheese. Seriously though, creamy, cheesy pasta makes me ridiculously happy, especially when served with a generous dusting of freshly cracked black pepper and a chilled glass of white wine.

7. Still on the food topic – I am totally missing my sweet tooth! Which is fortunate as I already have far too many vices (yes cheese and wine, I’m talking about you… again…)

8. I’m a perfectionist – but to the degree that it hampers me in every day life since I don’t like to try or show anyone something unless I know that I’ll be good at it… I like to be good at things! This is something that I’m trying to work on and any advice is much appreciated.

9. Conversely to point #8, I’m hugely messy. I don’t mean to be, I’d love to be tidier (and my husband would love that too) but I just never seem to have enough time/have too many clothes, handbags, shoes/not enough storage space.

10. I am the typical Taurean – passionately loyal with a love for food and the finer things, creative, reliable, stubborn and utterly bull-headed. Anything you’ve ever read about a Taurus female is likely 110% true for me.

11. I’ve been with my husband for 8-years and married for three – he’s my best friend, my favourite person and there’s no one I would rather be on this crazy adventure with! You can read a little more about us (and see a few wedding pics) here.

12. I’ve been living in the BVI for 10-years, straight out of university. It was the age old story – girl meets boy – boy convinces her to move across the Atlantic – boy breaks up with girl – girl decides to stay anyway because she’d made so many friends… 🙂

13. Speaking of university I studied Italian and spent a year attending L’Universita Di Pisa, living in Tuscany.

14. I’m the biggest wimp. I shut my eyes (and cover my ears) and hide under the dogs during scary movies.

15. Speaking of the dogs – we have 3! My sweet old Roxy girl (who we think is nearly 13 – she was an adult when I got her) and the 70lb wuss that is Oscar. We also recently took on a new rescue Pit-mix that we named Bruno, we think that he is about 2 years old. Sadly he was starving and pretty poorly when we got him but he is getting so much better! You can see more of their Caribbean adventures on my Instagram here.

16. I’ve never managed not to cry at a wedding… and not polite, pretty, dainty tears! Big, ugly, dribbly crying which is pretty embarrassing when I’m sobbing my way through their vows as a bridesmaid. (Recently this reached new frontiers when one of my best friends sent me the video of her wedding ceremony and I cried my way through that too).

17. I’ve been a bridesmaid 7 times, three times as a child and four times as an adult.

18. Weddings are one of my favourite things and when I finished university being a wedding planner was my chosen career – buuuuut then I moved to an island and got sidetracked…

19. I have a pretty big phobia of sharks – which can limit the amount of fun I have swimming/snorkeling around my tropical island.

20. I have zero hand-eye coordination and can’t play tennis (or any other racket sport) to save my life. I am not good at this.

21. I suffer from chronic resting bitch face – sooooooo many times people have met me and confessed that they thought I hated them or was really grumpy/unfriendly… I’m not, I promise… (except maybe if you wake me) which brings me to…

22. I could sleep professionally – I’m just waiting for it to become an Olympic sport or something that would legitimately pay by the hour… any amount of light, movement, noise or crowd – I can sleep! I am nearly impossible to wake. I am seriously talented at sleeping… zzz

23. I love, love, love to travel – in the last couple of years I’ve finally woken up to the fact that travel is truly the best thing that money can buy. Sadly it doesn’t stop me from buying expensive handbags… but I’ve started prioritizing experiences and trips with my husband.

24. I squirrel away interesting facts and trivia which means that my brain is full of useless information but also means I’m quite good at pub quizzes.

25. I’m fiercely independent and have been since childhood (sorry Mum!) – I can and I will change that tyre (in white jeans and heels, if necessary – yes, that happened) or that fuse, I can (but often forget to) check my oil and I will figure out how to get most everything done (even if it involves a quick Google first) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate a helping hand from time to time.

26. I have terrible taste in television. I’m currently mid-way through a Grey’s Anatomy marathon (it had been 9 years since I had last seen an episode so you can only imagine how many I had to catch up on…) and it is driving my husband mental! (Sorry. Not sorry.) When we first met it took him a couple of years to successfully wean me off KUWTK… and I like to binge watch Come Dine With Me and First Dates until my eyes bleed. I’m fascinated by the dynamics between people and with relationships.

27. I love to people watch! When I lived in Italy one of my favourite past times was grabbing a coffee, sitting in a sunny piazza and watching the world go by. I do it here too, except now it’s a beach bar… I get this habit from my mother!

28. I taught myself basic sign language – including the alphabet and some very random words and phrases… swimming costume, orange juice, umbrella… It’s safe to say I won’t be holding any long conversations any time soon.

29. I’ve been wearing my cat-eye eye makeup (and using the same brand of eyeliner) for half of my life.

30. I’m rose gold obsessed! I think I (and everyone around me) was hoping that it was just a phase… but I’m fairly certain that it’s here to stay… what can I say? I’m just that basic!

31. Professionally I work very hard at taking care of other people’s life admin, their travel, their plans, their renewals, their deadlines. It requires me to be very organised and juggle a lot of different things. Personally I am exceptionally bad at taking care of my own life admin, recently letting my passport expire for an irresponsibly long time, losing my marriage certificate etc… (it’s not actually lost, it’s just in a really, really, really safe place…)

32. I use the phonetic (military) alphabet daily.

33. I have one baby sister, who I adore! I am lucky to have the most wonderful supportive family, who give me both roots and wings. But I do miss them terribly! Though we’re now scattered across the globe (and across many time zones), I know that they’re only a phone call away. Plus, now we have a few exotic places to meet up!

So there you have it – 33 things that you probably didn’t need to know about me! But now you do…

Any little idiosyncrasies that you can share that will make me feel better about being quite so weird?



Gain A ‘Scents’ of the BVI with EC Soap Co.

Gain A ‘Scents’ of the BVI with EC Soap Co.

Way back at Christmas time (in one of my early posts) I wrote a gift guide for island girls that included my favourite local soap store, the EC Soap Co. They make such beautiful and unusual items that are just perfect for gifting.

Photo via EC Soap Co. 

All of their products are handmade here in the BVI with all natural, raw materials harvested from around the Territory, working with local farmers to source the freshest, organic ingredients.

EC Soap Co. soap bars often feature natural exfoliants to gently buff and polish your skin – like the dried ginger pulp in their summery ‘Ginger Island’ soap, or the ground mint leaves in the refreshing ‘Minty Rose’.

Photo via EC Soap Co.

Along with the gorgeous handmade soaps with their unusual colours, textures and scents they also stock lotions, balms and bath salts.

Photo via EC Soap Co.

I’m thrilled to announce that their new website is up and running and that with it comes international shipping!

Even better, from now until Mother’s Day they are offering 20% off with the code mothersday17!!

So, what are you waiting for?

In celebration of the new website and their soon-to-be global soap domination. I sat down with the owner Alex Durante (one of my favourite Caribbean entrepreneurs) to find out a bit more about what she’s been up to and why her products are so special:

Photo: Alexandra Durante via EC Soap Co. 

TBA: Alex, What made you want to start your own business and why did you decide on soaps?

ECSCo: I always like a challenge and it seemed that putting my creative skills to good use in the business world was a great idea to start. The British Virgin Islands have tons of untapped resources and soap was a great market to get into because we have access to raw materials from local farmers and we are turning our products into brilliant forms of art by using different scents and colorings to create intricate designs.

TBA: What is the best thing about being your own boss? And the biggest downside?

ECSCo: The best thing is that I can create my own future and decide as to where I want/need my company to go. The biggest downside would definitely be the day to day determination to succeed, even on that particular day you aren’t succeeding. You always have to be positive, even when you know that you feel differently.

Photo: EC Soap Co. Team via EC Soap Co.

Creativity obviously runs in the family as her father (pictured with her here) is renowned local artist Lutia Durante.

TBA: Do you have any regrets or anything that you would have done differently?

ECSCo: I should have branded EC Soap Co. sooner, but hey, we are on this earth to learn and grow right?

TBA: Where do you see your business going from here? What’s next for EC Soap Co.?

ECSCo: I desperately want EC Soap Co. to start exporting on a massive scale. We would be the first to export in such numbers thus supporting the economy as well as the people that live here. I also see us eventually being a 95% locally made company (5% being imported packaging) with local ingredients all being grown here.

TBA: If you weren’t killing it with your own business – what would you have wanted to do?

ECSCo: I honestly can’t answer that question! Ha ha. I’d probably be working on charter boats? I love people and being around them so I can’t fathom sitting behind a computer all day. It would definitely be service orientated.

So get gifting ladies – to your mamma, or even to yourselves, you deserve it! +1 (284) 346 1023


I Bought A Designer Handbag On Tradesy

I Bought A Designer Handbag On Tradesy

Buying designer handbags on the cheap is usually a fool’s game – I know because I’ve done it.

When I was 19 it was the too-good-to-be-true eBay purchases – Gucci handbags and Tiffany necklaces (if I remember rightly…) items that broke, fell apart or tarnished in a distinctly un-designer fashion.

When I was 21 it was the street stalls lining the roads in Italy (when I lived in Pisa ) – I had a beautiful Fendi Spy Bag (I actually kinda still stand by that purchase, I haggled long and hard for a decent one, she was the ‘it’ bag at the time and she’s still going strong – albeit a fake and in storage at my parents’ house), a few very suspect Gucci wallets and some dodgy Prada sunglasses.

Don’t judge me – I was young, they were everywhere and you’re no one on the mean streets of Tuscany if you’re not in Diesel jeans, high heels, large sunglasses and toting a ‘designer’ handbag.

But now as a proper (semi) adulting adult – I try to stick to the real deal. I have a couple of beautiful Kate Spade purses (those secret 75% off sales are usually very hard to refuse) and very recently I saw a handbag on Tradesy that I just couldn’t let go…

Let’s rewind quickly a couple of years…

It was 2013 when I first spotted the Mulberry Willow.

Mulberry, the iconic British brand – synonymous with quality leather and craftsmanship – had branched out from the classic Bayswater, their buckled Roxanne and the achingly cool Alexa. They had created the perfect envelope tote (in my humble opinion). Smooth lines and beautifully structured with her oversized detachable clutch (I mean really, she’s two handbags in one!) the chunky gold zippers and shiny hardware it was totally love at first sight. The Mulberry Willow had to be mine.

I immediately (and with only a hint of shame) tried to find a replica – on my admin assistant’s salary I could never afford the $2k+ price tag. But already, in my mid-twenties, I was disillusioned with the fakes. Instead, I pushed her to the back of my mind and tried to come to terms with the fact that she would never be mine.

Then a few days ago, with a birthday imminent (I’m starting the excuses already…) and a slightly better job, I decided to take a quick look on Tradesy and there she was…

Images via Tradesy

So many seasons older, and no longer available to purchase from Mulberry, she’s now a geriatric in fashion years (they’re like dog-years except they go by even faster) but I didn’t care. She’d never been used and she’s a classic, a statement piece and like all of the other icons she’ll only get better with age – I would say like Sophia Loren but, since she’s a British bag, we’ll go with Audrey Hepburn or Dame Helen Mirren.

Emerald green and made of the thickest, most sumptuous, supple and buttery leather you could ever dream of – it’s safe to say that I don’t regret my purchase for one second. And, because of that, I wanted to share a bit about my experience with Tradesy – a little review, 100% honest and unbiased with some points to consider – so here goes:

1. You are not going to be getting $2-$3k+ handbag for pennies. While providing a significant discount from retail price, these are still genuine items and command a hefty price tag, even second hand.

2. For the best deals consider older or less established styles – it’s hard to get a good discount on the current ‘it’ bags since no one is letting them go.

3. Following on from point #2 – carefully consider what sort of condition you are willing to live with as pay-off against price. For example: I wanted a bag in excellent condition so I went with an older style that isn’t as in demand. Possibly I could have afforded something more current in my budget if I could have overlooked an ink stain, some mild watermarks or a stud missing.

4. Do your research – Tradesy (along with many other sites of this ilk) claims to verify authenticity but in reality that is impossible to guarantee. It is imperative that you do your own independent research and there are multiple brand guidelines online. Pay close attention to key details and carefully cross reference them with the pictures of the item you are looking to purchase.

For example: After painstakingly checking many Mulberry authentication guides I took note of the following key points

  • The Mulberry tree or RiRi stamp on the underneath of the zip pulls.
  • The delicately-stamped logo on the metal disc/name plate and the negative space between the leaves on the tree.
  • The laser etched font of the serial number.
  • The quality flat head screws on the main plate.

These details vary by brand, by model and by vintage – so please, please do your homework.

5. If you’re at all uncertain, and even if you just want a second opinion, consider using Purse Forum’s ‘Authenticate This’ threads in order to utilise the experience of someone that really knows what they’re looking for and have them cast an expert eye over your purse. Yes – an eagle-eyed bidder might be alerted to your lusted after potential purchase and swoop in, but it’s possibly a small price to pay for the peace of mind and security spending your hard-earned savings.

6. You have 4 days to lodge the returns process and even then it’s only for Tradesy credits. That’s not very long to make up your mind.

7. Tradesy offers an authenticity promise. If you do not believe that your item is genuine you can send it back at no cost for expert authentication and a full refund if your item is found to be counterfeit. (US orders only)

Overall my experience has been very positive and I may already have a couple of items on my wishlist that I’ll be researching and possibly saving for…

Have any of you had experiences either positive or negative with nearly-new designer purchases? Let me know your thoughts. Do you have any advice?

This is not a sponsored post – it is an honest account of my experience using a re-sale website. 



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Geometric Resin Earrings
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Light Leopard Hoops
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FOREO Luna Play Cleansing Brush
OPI Nail Envy
OPI Nail Envy
Faux Wrap Dress with Ruffles
Faux Wrap Dress with Ruffles
Michael Kors Open Circle Pave Necklace
Michael Kors Open Circle Pave Necklace
Rodial Vit C Cleanser
Rodial Vit C Cleanser
Round Rattan Bag
Round Rattan Bag
Rodial Face Mask
Rodial Face Mask
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Michael Kors Watch
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Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey
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Studded Buckle Bracelet
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Cut-out Wedges
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