Staying Organized and My Planner Set-up

Good morning! It’s Monday, we’re back to work, it’s the start of a brand new week and it’s time to talk planners.

I have always been a stationary addict – getting ready to go back to school was my favourite time of year and I would spend hours shopping beautiful notebooks, pens and folders whenever we were in France (is it just me, or do the French have the cutest school supplies?)
This complete obsession with all things pretty paperie has shown little sign of abating as I advance through adulthood – if anything, it’s getting worse…

Last year I discovered that there is a whole planning world on YouTube (plan with me videos, bullet journaling videos and more) and it sucked me into a stationary vortex. There are thousands of planner-related videos with stickers, stamps and washi galore… I was blown away.

In the midst of all these videos (*ahem* key planner research) I discovered Me & My Big Ideas (MAMBI) and their Happy Planner. It immediately appealed to me as it uses a disc system so all the pages are removable and you can add/remove different sections, dividers, notepaper etc making it completely customizable. The designs are beautiful and there are a host of pretty accessories.

I need my planner to be functional, especially now that I’m using it for work and blog content planning, so I try to avoid most of the accessories but even I can’t resist the occasional motivational sticker… My job has lots of different moving parts and people to keep track of – so a good planner system is essential for keeping all those balls in the air. I also want to be able to track my blog stats and schedule my blog posts.

So without further ado – a little peek into my planner setup:

For reference I am using the Market Floral Undated Mini Planner at $19.99 (last year I used a classic-sized planner, but fancied trying the portability of the mini since carrying the classic daily is difficult). I absolutely couldn’t resist the sophisticated yet feminine florals in this Market Floral planner, combined with the chic and stylish black and white, although it was a tough decision between this and the Modern Marble Mini. I have also upgraded my discs to medium discs so that I can comfortably add pages for notes.

The new planners all came out at the beginning of March and those using the dated 18 month 2017/2018 classic planners will have to wait until July to start. This was another consideration in my purchase of an undated Mini planner – since I could just dive right in with April.

Does anyone else have a planner system that they swear by?


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