‘Press For Champagne’ A DIY Tutorial

Like almost every girl who has spent any time on Pinterest  (especially girls who have a fondness for the fizz), I have been coveting one of the ‘Press for Champagne’ signs. They come in all shapes and sizes, different fonts and styles, I love them all! Buuuuut, they’re pretty pricey – so, being the crafty calligraphy-fiend that I am, I decided to make one (actually more than one as I decided my sister needed one for Christmas…)

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Read on to discover how to make one for yourself – it’s pretty easy, I promise!

You will need –


Step 1:

DIY your own 'Press for Champagne' sign with this simple tutorial

I assembled my ingredients via eBay and Amazon (this would have been even easier if I had a Target, or similar, nearby – island girls need to get creative). I needed a suitable frame (I chose this one, I got one in gold and one in rose gold – I can’t be the only one obsessed with rose gold everything, right??), a doorbell button, card stock and a new brush pen (actually I didn’t need a new brush pen but any excuse…) I added a couple of metallic leafing pens and a can of white spray paint since I wanted to make them in different colour combinations. I estimate that each sign cost me $15 to make (as I was making more than one and had some of the items on hand, like the craft glue, card stock and coloured pens).


Step 2:

I trimmed my card stock to size and traced a rough guideline for my circular script (note that you could also use coloured, or even patterned, card stock for a different look). Then it was time to get the pens out… I have a passion for creative lettering  (and a preference for the imperfect) so I went free hand, but you can get an equally striking effect with transfer letters, stencils or a printable template online. Be sure to leave space for your doorbell button.


Step 3:

DIY your own 'Press for Champagne' sign with this simple tutorial

I painted my doorbell button with a metallic copper leafing pen, since I didn’t like the rather faded brass finish and wanted a rose gold effect to match one of my frames. Next take a glue gun or a decent craft glue (I used E6000) and stick your doorbell button to the center of your page.


Step 4:

DIY your own 'Press for Champagne' sign with this simple tutorial

Put your frame together as usual (minus the glass) and work out where to hang or display your fabulous new piece of art!! I decided on my little bar nook (although disappointingly it doesn’t have any champagne in it at the moment – hint, hint husband)

Hope that you have as much fun making one as I did – makes for a great, personal, Christmas gift and, if you hurry, you could still make one!


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'Press for Champagne' DIY tutorial. Everything you need to make your own 'Press for Champagne' sign

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Champagne anyone…?



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