Island Interior Inspo: How to incorporate tropical decor all year round

So the weather might just be starting to cool down, and the abundance of PSL pics making their way into my social media tells me that we’re firmly headed into Autumn with no turning back. But with all this glorious Fall inspo around, I’ve decided to buck the trend and show you that – when it comes to decor – there’s no reason why you can’t live #thebeachlife all year round! I’m giving you island interiors inspiration today!


If there’s one thing that bloggers like Kat Gaskin (of Salty Pineapple and the Content Planner) and Rebeka Steen (Goldfish Kiss) have taught me (other than how best to take care of your pineapple plants and that there’s no such thing as layering too much delicate gold jewelry) it’s that you don’t need to live in the islands in order to embrace those tropical vibes at home (even if you live in Canada!) So this post is dedicated to that island interior inspo, and showing you just how you can bring some of that island sunshine inside. I’ll be featuring some of the items I already own, along with those on my wishlist!


Please note – this post contains some affiliate links, which means that if I have inspired you to click through and make a purchase today, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Happy shopping!

Leafy prints –

Nothing screams #islandlife and fresh tropical vibes like my signature leaf prints. I wear them, I use them in the branding for my blog, I have them all over my home – they’re everywhere! I’m addicted to all of the leaf prints but I definitely have a soft spot for banana leaves and monstera leaves. I’m thrilled that leaf prints still don’t seem to be going  a n y w h e r e and I am taking advantage of all that leafy loveliness still available in stores. I’m fairly certain that my husband might divorce me if I bring one more leaf print throw cushion home, but that doesn’t seem to stop me… Try to incorporate graphic prints – in order to keep things from getting a bit too floral and ‘Margaritaville’ in here, I like to balance the leafy prints with some bold black and white simple prints, like my black and white Aztec print cushions and a throw in thick black and white stripes.

Island Interior Inspiration with The Barefoot Angel

Banana Leaf Cushion Cover | Set of 4 Leaf Prints | Black and White and Palm Print Cushion Cover | Black and White Throw with Tassels | Grey and White Throw with Tassels | Black and White and Leaf Print Cushion Cover | Straw Floor Cushion

At home with The Barefoot Angel - Island Interior Inspiration

*Adorable island rescue pup not included…

Coffee table books –

The source of much of my island interior inspiration, there are some gorgeous coffee table books available, as beautiful as they are practical. My favourite features lovely seafood recipes alongside interior decor ideas and snapshots of beautiful coastal homes. All those glossy pages of coastal living, beachside chic and tropical tastes. Pair those beautiful books with some of these fun book ends, I love my seahorse bookends (similar here) but this chic white shell pair is on my wishlist! *BVI friends, House has some gorgeous coffee table books currently in stock. 

Island Interior Inspiration - Glossy Tropical Coffee Table Books

The Book of Palms | Seahorse Bookends | Shell Bookends | Surf Shack Coffee Table Book | Aloha Coffee Table Book | Seahorse Bookends | Coral Bookends | Coastal Living Coffee Table Book

At home with The Barefoot Angel - Island Interior Inspiration

Plants –

It’s not just pictures of plants, you also need the real thing! No better way to switch up the look of your house, and bring some of that fresh outside feeling in, than with some gorgeous house plants! If you’re not confident you’ll be able to keep them alive, start off with some succulents or cacti (the beginners houseplants) and take it from there! *BVI friends, my gorgeous plants and succulents all came from Fort Garden Center.

Scents –

You know that distinctive holiday scent – that heady mixture of coconut, sunscreen and tropical flowers that immediately transports you back to balmy summer nights with a cocktail in hand? Bring that into your home with some of these gorgeous scented candles. Notes of plumeria and hibiscus, or coconut and lemongrass. I’m also featuring my favourite room diffuser – Seychelles by the White Company which smells beautifully warm and beachy with notes of bergamot and bright orange mingling with coconut, almond and vanilla.

Island Interior Inspiration with The Barefoot Angel - beautiful beachy scents

Seychelles Reed Diffuser by the White Company | Palm Passion Coconut Lime Scented Candle | Coconut and Lemongrass Reed Diffuser | Plumeria and Hibiscus Candle | Plumeria Scented Candle
At home with The Barefoot Angel - Island Interior Inspiration
Palm coasters –

These guys get a whole section to themselves because whenever they feature on my Instagram I can always guarantee a flurry of DM’s asking about them! They were a gift from my little sister (who knows me so well!) but they are available at Sass & Belle. So here you are, and they’re in stock, you’re welcome!

At home with The Barefoot Angel - Island Interior Inspiration

Hanging Chair –

Bring the outdoor furniture in with a hanging chair or hammock chair for a comfortable and fun seating option that works as well in the lounge as it does on a deck or balcony.


Island Interior Inspiration with The Barefoot Angel

Sass & Belle Tropical Leaf Coasters | Papasan Chair | Removable Palm Print Adhesive Wallpaper | Hanging Chair | Wall Ladder Shelves
Feature Wall –

If, like me, you live in rented accommodation, it can be really difficult to bring your personality into your home when you are restricted to what changes you can or can’t make. I have been mulling over the idea of a feature wall using some of the excellent adhesive wallpapers now on the market. They come in so many striking prints and are a powerful way to switch up your space without damaging the paintwork. Just be sure to clear it with your landlord first, to be on the safe side! Some of my favourites are here, here and here.

Gold Accents –

Get that sunshine feel with elements of bright gold – including a gorgeous starburst mirror that I have had my eye on for months. My fingers are just itching to add it to my cart. My heart says yes but my credit card says no…


Island Interior Inspiration with The Barefoot Angel - Beautiful gold accessories

Starburst Mirror | Gold and White Pineapple Bookends | Urchin Tealight Holders | Gold Nesting Tables | Bold Round Mirror | Hanging Planters

So there we have it – are any of these featuring on your wishlist or languishing in your cart? In case you haven’t had enough leafy inspiration – here are some of my favourite Pinterest images inspired by my love of the islands. You can follow along on my Pinterest for more tropical vibes and beachy Pinspiration here.

Pinspiration - Island Interiors with The Barefoot Angel

Photo Credits Clockwise from Top Left: Sarah M. Dorsey | H&M | Soul of Mine Interior | Oliver Bonas | Frontgate | H&M 



  1. September 17, 2018 / 5:35 pm

    Lovely post! I just bought an apartment last spring and I’m super excited to decorate this one. So far it’s mostly white and light colors with some green leafy plants. But omg after reading this I want to get some pillows and golden details. 😍😍

    • thebarefootangel
      September 18, 2018 / 2:12 am

      I wish I had an apartment of my own to decorate – that sounds like my perfect colour scheme!

  2. September 18, 2018 / 2:02 am

    I love the pillows and bookends you picked out. Incorporating that palm print will make any room feel fresh year round. 🙂

    • thebarefootangel
      September 18, 2018 / 2:11 am

      Definitely! They really help make things feel fresher and brighter! 🌿

  3. September 18, 2018 / 2:20 am

    Omg, I am obsessed! I just moved into my new apartment and this is just what I needed!

  4. Jasmin
    September 18, 2018 / 9:25 am

    My goodness I love these! I’m all in for filling house with greenery, though some of them have to be fake as I don’t have time to take care of them & my husband doesn’t remember those kind of things haha. Perhaps when my son gets older, he’ll remember.

    • thebarefootangel
      September 18, 2018 / 10:51 am

      It’s definite a struggle!! You could also try succulents though as they are much more forgiving! 🙂

  5. September 18, 2018 / 1:08 pm

    Those are great tips! I actually painted my room green to relax my eyes. I’m now considering adding plants in my room.

  6. Ressa Gallardo
    September 18, 2018 / 4:19 pm

    OMG, this blog post is speaking my language!!! I absolutely love tropical decor and have been in dire need for revamping my room! Thanks for the cute decor inspo!

  7. September 19, 2018 / 1:28 am

    I am in love with all things leafy print right now!!! They were one of my favorite prints for Summer dresses this Summer. I don’t see a problem with bringing them into the Fall season. Especially, with this beautiful home decor!

  8. September 19, 2018 / 12:31 pm

    I have seen really lovely hanging chair designs and I’ve been nursing the idea… I just need a new apartment and I’ll probably go for it… Love the other options you’ve suggested…

  9. Whitney Kutch
    September 19, 2018 / 5:48 pm

    What amazing inspiration! I love the feel of this entire room – the green leaves are so cute!

  10. helenevlacho
    September 19, 2018 / 7:32 pm

    These suggestions are so beautiful and inspirational! I have just re-decorated my bedroom-office and I am looking for wall art/posters. I think a few green details would be lovely right now.

  11. September 20, 2018 / 3:22 pm

    Love this entire vibe! Palm leaf print, gold accents, SWOON!!! Makes me want to start picking up some pieces for a little island inspo in my home. 🙂

  12. September 25, 2018 / 3:38 pm

    I love all these ideas! I’ve been seeing this style more and more lately and it’s making me want to redecorate my bedroom 🙂

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