10 Signs That You Might Be An Island Girl

A bit of light relief and silliness from me this morning. I recently got to thinking about the kind of girl I am I want to be and the girls that I know here in the islands.

Whether you’ve lived on one, are living on one or plan to live on one, here are the 10 distinct signs that you might be an island girl, even if you don’t know it yet!

Sign #1.

You love a good sunset (or sunrise) – there is nothing I love more than a cocktail at sunset or a walk at dawn with the dogs. Moments like these allow me to truly appreciate some of the small joys of island life. Sand in between my toes, looking out over the ocean and enjoying the sunset colours. (It’s why my Instagram account is 60% sunrise pics, #cantstopwontstop)


This is a very small collection of my sunrise dog walk pics

Sign #2.

Your car is messy and/or falling apart – we don’t really do status symbols in the islands and there isn’t much ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ going on. As such we have a tendency to neglect our beaten up island cars. As long as they get us from a to b, it’s not unusual to find sand in the foot wells, surfboards on the roof and plenty of spare bikinis and flip flops kicking about in the boot. You definitely do not want me to show you my #frontseatsituation (mostly because the footwell has several inches of water and floating Corona bottles in it). Mine leaks like a sieve and none of the seat belts work (and there’s a lingering smell of cheese coming from somewhere, but don’t ask…), fortunately the MOT process here is not as stringent here so my vehicle scrapes through!


Someone stole my spare wheel 🙁

Sign #3.

You enjoy the simple things in life – you have to be pretty low maintenance to thrive is the islands. No next-day delivery, no designer stores, no Uber (or reliable taxi, or any kind of public transport really…), no Deliveroo (Just Eat, GrubHub etc) (can you tell the sorts of ‘real world’ things that I miss…?!) Life is slower, simpler, a bit more basic, and that’s fine by me.


A Sunday Sunset Sail with my favourites

Sign #4.

You have a low tolerance for the cold weather – once it drops below 75 degrees, I start to shiver (that also counts for when someone sets the a/c too low). Originally a hardy Devon girl, I am now a complete wuss when it comes to chilly weather. I have had to start timing my trips back to the UK so that I know I’ll have spring temps and sunny days!


Sign #5.

You have a high tolerance for alcohol – it is a slightly sad state of affairs but, so many of our island activities feature booze… brunching, boating, beach days and bbqs, all involve adult beverages. On an island where the rum is cheaper than the mixer that accompanies it, these cocktails are not for the faint of heart! Go easy and build up your tolerance.


It was just a quiet boat trip…

Sign #6.

You love the ocean – goes without saying really but so much of island life revolves around the beach and boats – it’s how we usually spend our weekends and days off, whether active (surfing, kite-boarding, wake-boarding, diving) or relaxing (beach party, sailing, island-hopping).


Another Island-hopping Adventure – enjoying White Bay at Jost Van Dyke

Sign #7.

You’ve learnt to embrace a low-key kind of beauty – Grecian maxi dresses and strappy flats, bikini tops and denim shorts, flirty sundress and flip flops. There is no point in getting the straighteners out when it’s 90% humidity outside (stick a hat on that) and for that same reason all of your makeup is waterproof (read: sweat proof). This is not the place for high-heels and high-glamour (of course there are some exceptions and special occasions in our island calendar but I digress…) if it’s clean and without holes, you’re good to go!


Sign #8.

You’re practical, unflappable and not easily fazed – frogs in your shower (yes that happened), hurricanes (!), tarantulas/scorpions/rats/snakes lurking outside (or inside if you’re really unlucky), frequent power outages, cisterns running dry. Anything can happen out here and just when you think you’ve seen it all the tropics will have a new surprise waiting for you. You need to be a girl that can change a tire, prime a pump, evict the creepy crawlies and roll with the punches.


While these little guys might look cute, they were baby rats that I found in my bathroom cabinet and they had to be evicted!!

Sign #9.

You have a sense of adventure! Whether you end up in the islands by design or by accident chances are you have a touch of the wanderlust and a sense of adventure. Probably you’re an off-the-beaten track kind of girl that doesn’t mind roughing it occasionally. It’s not always easy but it’s usually fun – speaking of which…


Sign #10.

You know how to make your own fun! The absence of cinemas, bowling alleys, major sporting events, concerts, malls etc. combined with living in a small community means that you’re often at the same bars and hanging out with the same people (week in, week out) (for this reason it also helps to be a social girlie, interested in meeting new people from all walks of life.) When the hurricanes roll in and you’re without power for days, you’re not (that) bothered by the loss of your phone and iPad (partially because you’re equipped with a portable charger to make that shiz last longer) beacause you know that card games and rum (lots of rum) can be just as much fun!

Island girls know how to keep it interesting. Whether it’s a low-key games night at home, a theme night/costume party, a boat trip to somewhere new (or seldom explored) or a beach bonfire and camping on an uninhabited island, you’re always making the most of it!


Take 14 crazy people and 3 mental dogs, add a largely inaccessible, uninhabited island and copious amounts of alcohol for 3 days of unbridled fun.

How long do you think you could survive in the islands? Are you a secret island girl at heart?



  1. January 10, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    Totally agree with so many of these – I grew up in FL (not quite the islands!) and I miss the beach and easy living so much! Love all the ocean pictures 🙂

    • January 10, 2017 / 5:30 pm

      Glad that you like them – FL does have that laid-back, Ocean-loving, beach vibe too, from what I’ve seen! 🙂

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